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March 8 – 27, 2011

Irving Greenberg Theatre Centre, Ottawa

co-produced by the

Great Canadian Theatre Company and

Sleeping Dog Theatre 

written by Pierre Brault

dramaturgy and direction by Brian Quirt

set and costume design by Beth Kates

lighting design by Martin Conboy

performed by Pierre Brault and Andy Massingham

magic consultant: Greg Kramer

stage manager: Laurie Champagne

assistant director: Emily Pearlman

apprentice stage manager: Louisa Haché

commissioned by the

Great Canadian Theatre Company in 2009

The Shadow Cutter

The Shadow Cutter probes the theatrical world of magic through the remarkable life of one of its undisputed masters – Ottawa born Dai Vernon, unquestionably the 20th century’s most gifted sleight-of-hand artist.  In a clandestine world where secrets are currency and illusion rules supreme, Vernon's mastery of manual manipulation made him a legend among magicians but a mystery to those closest to him. Celebrated as the only man ever to fool Houdini, he is still regarded throughout magic's inner circle as “The Professor” for his encyclopedic knowledge of the craft and his willingness to impart that artistry to others.  The illusionist’s own secrets, however, were concealed in the shadows, out of sight from everyone including himself.  Pierre Brault’s newest play conjures up Dai’s lifelong obsession with the ultimate card trick, and the unexpected cost of mastering it.

The Shadow Cutter was developed in part through a Performing Arts Residency at the Banff Centre.

Photo of Andy Massingham and Pierre Brault by Andrew Alexander.