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“Spellbinding... must-see show captures the essence of [Lenny] Breau...  Brault's nuanced portrayal of seven characters whose lives were bound up with Lenny's... parallels Lenny's self-revelation through the extraordinary music he played on his custom-made seven-string guitar.  Brault introduces the characters as Lenny's life progresses, lending narrative heft and incremental colour to the play. Supported by Martin Conboy's insightful lighting design, Brault's transitions from one sharply defined character to the next are remarkable. Tough, tender and textured... As finely executed as it is conceived.  Don’t miss it.”

Patrick Langston, The Ottawa Citizen

“Expertly crafted, multi-dimensional, fueled by intelligence and energy... Pierre Brault is a national capital treasure.  He’s a gifted performer... with grand passion in all his performances.”

Tom McSorley, CBC Radio

“A pleasing mix of the confidant coolness of Daniel MacIvor’s solo work and the wide-eyed, open honesty of Theatre Smith-Gilmour.”

Byron Laviolette, Eye Weekly (Toronto)

“A performance of great sophistication and innovation... Herein lies Brault’s great gift. He tells the musician’s story by using the voices of seven other characters in his life, to represent the seven strings of the musician’s unusual guitar... What Brault has done so brilliantly is use these multiple voices as symbols of [Lenny Breau’s] complex musical harmonics... One of the most original forms of one-person show I have seen on the English Canadian stage.”

Alvina Ruprecht, CBC Radio

“Pierre Brault’s solo show about the musician’s tragic life came alive in inventive ways. Scenes were like guitar riffs, and Brault’s every tiny move on Brian Smith’s guitar-like set hummed with portent and meaning.”

Jon Kaplan and Glenn Sumi, NOW Toronto

“Carefully nuanced characters, a clearly defined portrait... meticulously directed by Brian Quirt.”

Iris Winston, Variety

“That Brault manages to convey Breau’s elusive presence so realistically with such a complex device is testament to his skills as both an actor and writer.”

Greg Quill, Toronto Star

“Windows of coloured light illuminate Brault as he flawlessly plucks at threads of passion and sentiment like Breau with his guitar.”

Mike Crisolago, Newsfix.ca

“Director Brian Quirt has pulled everything together to create 80 minutes of engrossing and entertaining theatre. His varied staging keeps the action flowing while helping clarify the narrative... Along with their excellent creative team, Mr. Quirt and Mr. Brault have brought Lenny Breau’s story and music to compelling life.”

Connie Meng, North Country Public Radio

“Brault is so adept at weaving between characters (old and young, male or female) that, if you closed your eyes, you'd be forgiven for thinking there was a cast in the double digits on stage.”

Cormac Rea, Ottawa Xpress

“[Brault] portrays the seven main influences in Breau’s too-short life as guitar strings that strummed and plucked expertly for nearly 90 uninterrupted minutes. Brault’s novel technique of finding Breau’s voice by harmonizing the strings of his life would have delighted the former Winnipeg virtuoso. ... 5 O’Clock Bells succeeds in celebrating in a public way this most famous of Winnipeggers who relatively few people know anything about.”

Kevin Prokosh, Winnipeg Free Press

Photos top to bottom: Christina Riley, Andrée Lanthier, Peter Knippel.

"An utterly splendid performance... Brault is pure actor... a pleasure to watch."
Emer O'Kelly, The Sunday Independent (Ireland)

"With a keen historical sensibility, a fine instinct for drama and a compassion that transcends time, actor Pierre Brault has successfully re-opened a 131-year-old murder case. The one-man, multi-character show is impressive, both in its dramatic shaping of historical material … and in Brault's strong acting. … Highly recommended."
Janice Kennedy, The Ottawa Citizen

"Pierre Brault's one man hurricane of politics and history and injustice…is a towering performance. … Excellent."
Tom McSorley, CBC Radio

"Riveting... a tour de force.... Brault also deserves plaudits for his script, which melds elegant prose and touching poetry with some surprisingly comic touches."
Noel Gallagher, The London Free Press

"The National Arts Centre's sleeper hit...with an impressive range of accents and caricatures... beautifully written....***."
Kate Taylor, The Globe & Mail

"A solo theatrical masterwork...dazzling. Brault's play is an impressive feat of dramatic archaeology, with an impact beyond the make-believe world of theatre."
Matt Radz, The Montreal Gazette

"Brault's bravura one-man performance confirms what acting is all about. He's riveting from beginning to end. ... Blood on the Moon packs the short, sharp, clean and precise punch of an assassin's bullet.
Robert Reid, The Kitchener-Waterloo Record

"A brilliant, complex dramatization of the trial of James Patrick Whelan. … It really has not been altered from its Fringe version, which is right, because this play does not need alteration. Brault's writing is that rich, his performance that remarkable, his show that good."
Tom McSorley, CBC Radio

"Pierre Brault is a miracle worker. As author of and sole actor in Blood on the Moon, he opens a two-way wormhole in time, pulling the audience through its vortex into the past, yet still bringing his character through to the present. ... Brault's ability as an actor is stellar."
Heather Solomon, Canadian Jewish News

"This show should be touring the country."
Alvina Ruprecht, CBC Radio

"Blood on the Moon is a highly charged theatrical experience, one filled with magical images and an outstanding performance by a gifted actor."
Denis Armstrong, The Ottawa Sun

"A play of marvelous question marks. A one-act, 80 minute marvel, Portrait of an Unidentified Man is the must-see production of the Ottawa theatre season. ... I know it's only February, but this is really the performance of the year. Brault is simply astonishing."
Tom McSorley, CBC Radio "All in a Day" Listen to full review.

"A theatrical feat from every point of view... The great artistry of both Pierre Brault and Martin Conboy has created something quite new and exciting in Canadian theatre.  Brault has great maturity and enormous gifts as an actor."
Alvina Ruprecht, CBC Radio "Ottawa Morning" Listen to full review.

"Brault's portrait of de Hory paints a creature of complex beauty... his writing is profound and his performance electric. ... not for a moment does Portrait of an Unidentified Man fail to resonate.... Accept no substitutes."
Peter Birnie, The Vancouver Sun

Portrait of an Unidentified Man is immediately relevant, bitingly funny and so well written and acted it is not hard to side with the criminal de Hory who loots the souls of artists.”

Jamie Hanton, The Press (Christchurch, New Zealand)

"In the vastly entertaining Portrait of an Unidentified Man, Ottawa writer and actor Pierre Brault assumes the identity of Elmyr de Hory, the 20th century's most successful art fraud. Brault is fabulous as the charming, conflicted de Hory, whose fake Picassos and Modiglianis hung in galleries around the world. Funny, involving, sad and thought-provoking... [featuring] Brault¹s undeniable stage presence and fine writing, Brian Quirt¹s sure direction and Martin Conboy¹s masterful lighting effects..."
Catherine Lawson, The Ottawa Citizen

"A gorgeous, constantly evolving work of art.... Creator and performer Pierre Brault weaves a compelling, stunningly visual story that leads us to consider not just the life of Elmyr de Hory but also the authenticity of self."
Jo Ledingham, The Vancouver Courier

"A gripping study of morals, survival and fame... Brault plays de Hory's flamboyance and innate shyness to perfection... [his] script offers a tempting treatise on the nature of truth."
Steven Schelling, The Westender

"My favourite show of the entire festival... a brilliant script and brilliant, brilliant performance."
Chris Drizzik, CBC Radio, St. John's, NL (Magnetic North Theatre Festival)

"Pierre Brault is by turns charming, mischievous, bombastic, amusing, earnest, touching . . . I've run out of adjectives. He clearly delineates each character while never losing the spine of Elmyr, around whom the action revolves."

Rating: 5 out of 5
Connie Meng, North Country Public Radio

Feature article on Pierre Brault in online magazine Guerilla: Ottawa Culture at Ground Level.


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