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“This show was worth the price of my year's subscription at the Great Canadian Theatre Company.  It's the best show I've seen this year.  I grew up in Winnipeg hearing the music of Lenny Breau.  His albums were few and far between over the years.   Seeing this play, I feel that I have at last been able to say goodbye.”

Brian Carroll

“Truly one of the most amazing stage performances I have ever seen. I did not watch a one man show last night, I watched a full 7-hander, with brilliantly mastered sets, and the entire multi-talented cast in full dress. He had the entire audience transfixed from beginning to end.”

Maureen Welch

“The writing, acting, directing, designing, and lighting were all superb. It was a very moving, intimate, subtle evening that I'll remember forever. I came home and played my two Lenny Breau LPs with renewed appreciation of what was behind them.”

Doug Campbell

“I was blown away by the performance today. Although performed by one actor, the stage was absolutely filled to the brim with personality and presence. BRAVO!”

“I have never heard of Lenny Breau before, and now I feel like I can really relate, understand, and enjoy him and his work. The play was fantastic! I’m speechless! Marvelous, unique, and everything amazing!”

“Superb! Gave me a new insight into theatre.”

“It was fantastic. 5 O’Clock Bells was honest and powerful. It was wonderful to see deep art on stage.”

Student comments

“My students were blown away. Many of them are from low income homes and had never seen a play before today. The subject matter really touched some of the students as addiction and rough home lives are something that many of our students deal with on a daily basis. I cannot thank you enough for giving these students this opportunity today. I don't think they realized before today that a piece of theatre has the power to really reach people. About half way through the show I saw a couple of them in tears. I know that something on that stage was resonating with them in a very powerful way. Today was very special.”

Letter from a teacher

Comments from our audience on 5 O’Clock Bells...