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Sleeping Dog Theatre is a professional theatre company founded in 1999 and based in Ottawa, Canada, dedicated to the development, production and touring of new Canadian plays.

We specialize in new approaches to biographical performance, using real life histories of extraordinary yet often overlooked individuals to explore diverse themes. Our work embodies our belief that not only is truth stranger than fiction, but that the most inspiring, provocative and transcendent stories are to be unearthed in our own cultural history. Our signature style is bold, innovative, highly versatile and deceptively simple.  We seek to surprise our audiences with the extraordinary potency of minimalist performance, stripping the art form down to its most essential elements yet simultaneously creating complex worlds onstage, and celebrating the singular relationship between audience and performer.  In this way, each and every member of the audience is directly implicated in the story, and much more than mere spectators, they are drawn in, engaged, and transformed.

The company tours extensively within Canada and internationally.  Our projects have been nominated or won awards in Calgary, Ottawa and Montreal and have been adapted for television. Sleeping Dog Theatre works in partnership with regional theatres and presenters both nationally and internationally to extend the life of our productions and reach the widest possible audience.

Artistic Director: Pierre Brault

Producer: Judi Pearl

Sleeping Dog Theatre is a member of PACT, the Professional Association of Canadian Theatres.


Photo by Andrée Lanthier